Materials Wish List!


We are always excited to take donations that would support our program and allow us to continue to make great art, like working power tools, correctly packaged hardware, large pieces of clean lumber or fabric, non-expired and close to full paint cans (we cannot accept half-empty paint cans), small Bluetooth speakers, or real vintage costumes (we have plenty of early 2000s semi-formal dress).


We are always in need of paper and all sorts of paper products, cleaning supplies, gaff tape, medical tape, toiletries, and first aid supplies. Hand sanitizer is also a huge help during this pandemic!


We could also use a new copy machine, and would love to meet some parents who want to correctly do laundry after a show (or form a relationship with a dry cleaner who could cut us a deal)!


Basically, if you think we might be able to use it, just check out our "contact" page and ask!

AND... we can write a receipt for your donation to be tax-deductible!